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After a divorce, remember to update estate plans

A divorce can pick up virtually every bit of your life and reorder them. Living arrangements, relationships, taxes, friendships, possessions and much more shift into new patterns and placements.

Among the many things to remember to do after your divorce and property division issues have been resolved: remember to sit down with your Connecticut estate-planning attorney and rearrange what is to be done with your possessions when you leave this world.

If you don't have that conversation, you could wind up giving assets and benefits to your former spouse or their family. If you prefer to pass your assets on to others, a new estate plan is called for, the Wall Street Journal noted recently.

"Stay on top of your estate plans," one attorney quoted in the article said.

Some people will ask their family law attorney for a referral to an estate-planning firm. That's a great place to start. Of course, there are some family law firms that also have on board estate-planning lawyers.

At Berchem, Moses & Devlin, P.C., we have a long history of being able to provide both services to our clients, so that we offer comprehensive protection of their family, their assets and their interests no matter the circumstances.

With our knowledge of business law, we also help entrepreneurs deal with thorny property division issues in divorce as well as when making plans to pass the firm on to the next generation.

Please see our Estate Planning page while visiting our website to see how we can help tailor wills, trusts and powers of attorney documents to meet your needs and goals.

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