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Child Custody Archives

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman already working on child custody

People in Connecticut might know actress Drew Barrymore from her starring roles in films like "Scream" and "Never Been Kissed," but more recent headlines focus on her divorce rather than her pedigreed acting prowess. Barrymore and her husband, Will Kopelman, have been married for four years and share two daughters. The couple has reportedly already been discussing child custody arrangements.

Child custody and co-parenting can be complex during divorce

Divorce is naturally challenging from both an emotional and a financial standpoint in Connecticut. The process of divorce is even more complicated when it involves child custody. Making matters even more complex is if one has to co-parent with an ex who is not serious about or dedicated to the task.

Child custody can quickly cause conflict during divorce

Even though divorce is understandably tough on two married individuals who cannot make their marriage work, it can be particularly confusing and difficult for the children of the individuals as well. The decisions that parents make during the divorce process, especially with regard to child custody, can have a long-term emotional impact on their children. Some tips may help to make the life transition brought on by divorce a little easier for children in Connecticut.

Child custody matters can be challenging during holidays

Divorce can complicate life not only for adults but also for children involved. This is especially true if two parents have different ideas about how child custody should be handled. These matters can be even more challenging to cope with around the holidays. A few tips may help people in Connecticut to have an enjoyable holiday season while dealing with child custody issues.

Child custody can impact only children during divorce process

Divorce in Connecticut is a life-changing event for both the parents and their children. A divorce proceeding that involves child custody can especially affect only children. A few tips may help divorcing parents of only children protect their kids during this type of family law proceeding.

Speeded-up divorce in Connecticut: It's not for everyone

Most public employees can't do it. Neither can parents. Neither can those Connecticut couples with more than $35,000 in joint property, nor can those who have been married more than 8 years. What is "it"? "It" is taking advantage of the state's new expedited divorce process that can allow judges in certain circumstances to grant a divorce without even holding a hearing.

The phoenix rises from the fires of divorce

When parents divorce, disputes over child custody can get heated. Fortunately, trained, experienced Connecticut family law attorneys can help lower the flames of anger and get everyone through the legal process as they simultaneously begin to work through the emotions of a permanent split in their family.

Cause and effect

When we get married and peer as best we can into the future, we often see babies and birthdays, vacations together and anniversaries, raised glasses of champagne and tender nights. We often see what we hope will be there when the future arrives.

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