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Connecticut Closed for Non-Essential Business

Governor Lamont just announced a Stay Safe/Stay at Home policy for the state of Connecticut.  He is ordering that non-essential services remain closed for now.  Exemptions will be made for major construction projects already underway as well as for major manufacturers, especially in the defense industry.  Restaurants can remain open for takeout.  Services such as auto repair and hardware stores would be considered essential.  Non-essential businesses can be subject to fines if they stay open.

The Governor indicated he will sign an executive order imminently to carry out this policy.  The order will specify critical industries that are exempted.  It appears it will go into effect Monday at 8:00.

The Governor also urged businesses that may have extra masks, gloves, or other personal protective equipment to donate them so they can be used for healthcare personnel.  Individuals were also urged to donate blood.

We will provide more detailed information on the executive order once it is available.

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