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Residential Real Estate

Berchem Moses PC provides experienced legal counsel to people buying and selling property throughout Connecticut. As a well-established firm with a team of accomplished attorneys, we can explain every step involved in a residential real estate transaction and help you make well-informed decisions about your specific situation.

Helping People Through The Residential Real Estate Process

After you have secured a binding agreement with a real estate broker or have reached an agreement with a seller or buyer, our lawyers can move your real estate transaction forward quickly and efficiently. Our services include:

  • Contract drafting and review: Whether you are the buyer or seller of residential real estate, our attorneys can draft and review buy-sell agreements and other real estate contracts to ensure there are no unexpected terms and that your interests are protected.
  • Title work: We can also act as the title agent in ordering the title search and completing the title review, as well as assisting homebuyers in working out mortgage commitments with Connecticut lenders.
  • Real estate closing: After the contracts have been worked out and the title has been cleared, our attorneys will work with your real estate agent to arrange the closing. This is the final step in the process of buying or selling residential real estate. Our attorneys help ensure that everything is in order for your home closing by reviewing all the closing documents and acting as the closing agent.

No matter how far along you are in the real estate process, our firm can work to help you successfully close a residential real estate transaction.

Committed To Helping First-Time Homebuyers

Real estate terms such as those on this page — as well as others such as FHA loans, escrow, mortgage points and many others — may be new and confusing for first-time homebuyers. Our knowledge allows us to assist first-time homebuyers understand important terms and concepts associated with the purchase process. It also allows us to serve as the trusted guide first-time homebuyers need when purchasing their home.

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With offices in Milford and Westport, our attorneys are able to assist with residential real estate transactions throughout Connecticut. Arrange a free consultation by calling 203-783-1200.