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Land Use And Zoning

THE ATTORNEYS at the Connecticut law firm of Berchem Moses PC are experienced land use and zoning lawyers. We represent individuals, developers and homeowners associations before boards and agencies such as zoning commissions, inland wetlands agencies and zoning boards of appeal. To learn more about zoning and land use, contact Berchem Moses PC.

Connecticut land use and zoning law can be complex. There are many approvals needed in a typical zoning or wetlands situation. We have extensive experience handling land use matters in court, writing legal briefs and arguing the case in court. Because our attorneys handle such issues often, we are fully aware of the different agencies and organizations that regulate land use and zoning. We are familiar with the jurisdictions of each, and know how to navigate the processes and procedures of every agency involved.

In addition to representing applicants before various boards and commissions, our lawyers assist and prepare applications, petitions and denials for:

  • Zoning agencies and planning boards
  • Inland wetland commissions
  • Environmental protection agencies at all levels

Our attorneys also handle a wide variety of appeals on land use matters, representing clients in superior court, appellate court and the Connecticut Supreme Court. On behalf of clients, our law firm will commission traffic studies, environmental impact statements and other reports needed for petitions before local, state and federal agencies.

These are only a sample of the broad zoning and land use work of our Connecticut lawyers. Since 1946, we have been representing individuals, businesses and municipalities before all types of boards, commissions and agencies. In the intervening years, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of Connecticut land use and zoning laws. Contact Berchem Moses PC to learn how we put our knowledge to work for clients.