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Education Law

Defending Public, Private, and Charter Schools in CT

A leading player in the field of education law and municipal labor relations in the state of Connecticut, Berchem Moses PC has more than 40 years of experience defending the interests of public, private, and charter schools throughout the state.

If your school board needs the services of an experienced Connecticut education law attorney at affordable rates, contact Berchem Moses PC. Our education lawyers are members of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) and the National School Boards Association’s Council of School Attorneys (COSA).

Our vast experience in labor law and education law, including both special education and regular education areas, makes us well-suited to respond to the legal needs of boards of education.

Our attorneys provide the full range of legal services required today to represent boards of education, including:

  • Regular updates on statutory changes and other legal developments
  • Reviews and revisions of board policies and student handbooks
  • Workshops and CEU seminars for staff
  • Student discipline matters
  • Special education
  • Labor and employment law matters
  • Transportation, residency, and teacher termination hearings
  • First Amendment issues
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Research Assistance
  • General legal advice
  • Disability accommodations
  • Public education law
  • Section 504 and ADA claims
  • Litigation

We take a strong proactive approach to education matters, helping school boards prevent crises and minimize expenses by troubleshooting, training staff, and continually updating decision-makers on changes in the law and trends in the education community.

We take a practical view of dispute resolution by clearly describing the law and offering our best legal opinion on what you can expect, both favorable and unfavorable. We outline your legal options and provide a cost-benefit analysis of each choice. When disputes enter the administrative process and/or the courts, we provide representation that is zealous, aggressive, creative, and highly professional.

In cases of labor and employment law, we handle prohibited practice charges, grievance and interest arbitrations, CHRO, teacher and noncertified personnel disciplinary matters and terminations, as well as state and federal court discrimination claims. We routinely serve as chief negotiators in collective bargaining negotiations for both certified and noncertified bargaining units.

We have successfully represented boards of education in hundreds of special education due process proceedings. We have a long and successful track record of defending schools on appeals of due process decisions, primarily in federal court. We also represent boards of education in all student-related issues, including discipline. To discuss your specific needs for legal representation with an accomplished Connecticut education law attorney, contact Berchem Moses PC.

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