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HR Training Programs For School Districts

Berchem Moses PC is happy to offer a wide variety of training programs for private businesses, school districts, municipalities, and other public employers.  When you arrange a training, we will take the time to learn about your organization to ensure the content is relevant to your team.  Fully customized training programs are available upon request.  Virtual and in-person options are available. 

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to meet our clients’ needs.  To learn more about our training programs, please contact our Employer Training Coordinator, Rebecca Goldberg, at [email protected] or 203-882-4105.

Title IX Grievance Process from Start to Finish

Changes to Title IX regulations in 2020 completely changed how allegations of sexual harassment need to be investigated in educational settings, whether involving students or employees. This workshop will help make sure your district is in compliance.

Supervisor’s Bootcamp: How to Comply with Employment Laws Without Compromising Effectiveness

The Supervisor’s Bootcamp equips managers with the confidence to handle problems in the workplace while complying with the maze of employment laws.  Supervisors will learn about state and federal laws affecting the workplace, understand their role in preventing and responding to discrimination and harassment, and learn how to respond to accommodation and leave requests.  They will learn how to proactively address performance and behavior issues with the documentation needed to support future employment actions.

Handling Employee Mental Health Issues While Maintaining Your Sanity

Employee mental health issues cannot be ignored.  This program trains managers and HR professionals to identify when a mental health issue is affecting the workplace and respond appropriately.  Supervisors and HR professionals will learn how to offer support, respond to requests for reasonable accommodations, manage employee leave rights, and avoid abuse of “the system.”

Handling Employee Leaves and Separations

Supervisors and HR professionals will learn how to handle employee time off for work for medical reasons while complying with obligations under the FMLA (state and federal), Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law, Americans with Disabilities Act, and other laws.  They will also learn how to end the employment relationship, when necessary.

Connecticut Employment Laws Affecting Pregnancy and Beyond

Connecticut law provides legal protections for pregnant and parenting employees, from reasonable accommodations during pregnancy to protection for breastfeeding and pumping to leave time under the Connecticut Family and Medical Leave Act.  Supervisors and HR professionals will learn how to ensure that they provide pregnant and parenting employees with all their legal rights.

Using Good Judgment When Discussing Student Information

A reminder for school staff and administrators.  More and more, parents are making records requests for internal communications about their children.  This training discusses the consequences of cringe-worthy communications and reinforces the value of professional communications, even in the most frustrating circumstances.

Connecticut Employment Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

There are many little-known nuances to Connecticut’s employment law, which can make compliance difficult for even the best-intentioned employers.  Do your offer letters contain all necessary components?  Do you make payroll deductions with employee authorization, but failed to get the form approved by the Commissioner of Labor?  Some requirements may seem trivial, but failing to comply can lead to big penalties.  In most cases, the fix is simple.  This program teaches you to avoid Connecticut’s legal booby traps.

Responding to Records Requests Under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act

A program for staff handling records requests to learn how to respond to a variety of situations.  Do records need to be provided on the spot?  When can you charge for records?  What if the information requested is confidential?  Learn strategies for complying with requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Adventures in FOIA: Case Studies for Managing Difficult Requests

What if responding to a Freedom of Information Act request will take months?  What if the information is scattered across hundreds of files?  What if the requester is acting unreasonably?  Learn strategies for complying with the most challenging requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.

Accused of Discrimination or Harassment?  Strategies for Effective Responses to CHRO Charges

If your business receives a charge of discrimination filed with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, you won’t have long to decide how you will respond.  Many employers (and virtually all large employers) in Connecticut face a CHRO charge at some time.  Learn about this process ahead of time so you can take steps to prevent charges, secure insurance coverage for discrimination claims, and ensure the best possible legal defense.

Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse by School Personnel

Children deserve to be safe at school, but the unfortunate reality is that school personnel sometimes perpetrate acts of sexual abuse.  This program for school administrators focuses on how to prevent sexual abuse, recognize concerning behavior, and report concerns.