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Connecticut Minimum Wage Increase Announced for 2024

By: Rebecca Goldberg

Governor Lamont and the Connecticut Department of Labor announced that the state minimum wage will increase to $15.69 per hour on January 1, 2024, six months after rising to $15 per hour this past June.

This increase is the first index-based adjustment to occur under legislation signed in 2019.  That law provided for phased-in increases to $15 per hour through June 1, 2023, and then annual adjustments each January 1st thereafter keyed to the national employment cost index.  Employers should expect notice of the new minimum wage each fall by October 15th with an effective date of January 1st.

For hotel and restaurant employees who normally receive sufficient gratuities, the employer share remains at least $6.38 per hour ($8.23 for bartenders), but the employee must still make at least $15.69 per hour including tips and employers must follow recordkeeping and reporting obligations related to the tip credit.

Employers should take this opportunity to ensure that their workplace posters are up to date and reflect the new minimum wage.  The posters are available from the Connecticut Department of Labor at

Our team of labor and employment attorneys can assist employers in adjusting to the new minimum wage requirements and ensuring compliance with all applicable labor and employment laws.