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Divorce Attorneys that Service High Asset Cases

With one of the highest per capita incomes in the country, Connecticut is a well-known haven for successful business people and professionals. Unfortunately, the time commitment and dedication necessary to maintain this high level of success can put strain on a marriage, and even lead to divorce.

Those who possess substantial assets and find their marriage at an end likely understand that their wealth gives rise to unique considerations that must be addressed. What they may not know is where to turn for the sophisticated representation and proven legal advocacy they need to ensure they are treated fairly in a divorce.

Dedicated Counsel With A History Of Success In High-Asset Divorces

As an established law firm that is familiar with the intricacies and nuances of high-asset divorce, Berchem Moses PC is equipped to protect high net worth clients and put them in a position to thrive once divorce proceedings are complete.

Our investigative methods allow us to create an accurate picture of a couple’s life and prevent one spouse from hiding assets from the other. We know how to create innovative asset and debt distribution plans that can create immediate monetary benefits for one spouse and future tax savings for the other spouse (such as a high-earning spouse paying more alimony and child support, thus lowering his or her taxable income later). Our team also works closely with accountants and other experts to assess business valuations and determine the worth of retirement accounts and other high-value assets.

Discretion And Efficiency

We recognize that many clients in high-asset divorces have prominent professional roles. As such, we work hard to keep divorce proceedings and other family law matters moving in a manner that is as discreet and efficient as possible.

Contact The Attorneys At Berchem Moses PC

Arrange a free initial consultation with our lawyers at 203-783-1200. We maintain offices in Milford and Westport for our clients’ convenience.