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Post Judgment Modifications

When custody, support and other terms of a divorce are finalized, they represent the status of the family and former spouses at that point in time. Unfortunately, the various twists and turns that the future holds can quickly make even the most carefully crafted divorce decrees obsolete.

When there is a substantial change in circumstances following a divorce, a post-judgment modification can change the terms of the divorce decree so that it accurately aligns with your present situation. To effectively obtain a modification, it is necessary to carefully state the reason for the modification request, provide evidence to support the request, and convince a family court judge that a modification is necessary.

At Berchem Moses PC, our attorneys have the deep knowledge of family law and time-tested advocacy skills to help clients throughout Connecticut obtain post-judgment modifications. We have a long history of serving our clients and being a part of the community — since 1933 we have represented clients across the state, and now maintain offices in Milford and Westport. Today, we serve as an established, trusted resource for clients in modification matters and a wide range of other
family law cases.

In addition to formerly married spouses, we also assist unmarried parents who are subject to child support and custody arrangements that were created outside of divorce proceedings.

When Can I Get A Modification Of A Child Support Or Alimony Order?

Connecticut law requires there to be a “substantial change in circumstances” before a child support modification or spousal support (alimony) modification will be granted. Some situations that can constitute such a substantial change include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of a job or income
  • Receiving a raise
  • Obtaining a job in another state
  • Chemical dependency and abuse
  • Child neglect

Those seeking a modification due to concerns over their children’s safety should seek counsel immediately so that the children are not exposed to additional harm.

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