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Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you were injured at work while performing your duties, you can pursue a workers’ compensation claim to pay for your medical bills and cover many of your other expenses. However, it can be difficult to understand all of the rules that you must follow — such as reporting requirements — in order to remain eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

At Berchem Moses PC, we offer straightforward advice and complete answers to all workers’ compensation-related issues. We help clients navigate through the system. When you retain our services, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your interests are being protected by an established firm that has been serving clients across Connecticut since 1933.

Workers’ Compensation For All Types Of Work Injuries

Workers can be injured in many ways, and the severity of the injury can be as diverse as the job. Our attorneys have handled workers’ compensation cases involving workplace accidents that resulted in many different types of work injuries:

Workplace accidents can range from a fall from a roof to an employee injured in a car accidentwhile driving for work. In the case of employees injured in an accident while performing work duties, we may be able to file two separate claims for compensation: a personal injury claim and a workers’ compensation claim.

Filing For Workers’ Compensation Does NotMean You Are Suing Your Boss

It is often hard for clients to understand that a workers’ compensation claim is not a lawsuit against your employer. You are merely collecting money provided by your company’s workers’ compensation insurance company. As long as you were injured on the job doing the work assigned to you, your injury and/or accident is not a contested matter.

Workers’ compensation is the process of filing a claim under your employer’s insurance policy to recover compensation for an on-the-job injury.

Because a workers’ compensation claim is not a lawsuit, you are not entitled to money for pain and suffering as you would be in a personal injury case. Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, you can recover for lost wages, permanent injury and the cost of medical bills, but not damages for pain and suffering. Our attorneys can help explain this to you and pursue the compensation you need.

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