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Administrative Hearing Lawyers

Businesses are subject to a wide range of regulations — from land use and zoning requirements to obtaining mandatory licenses and permits — that can impede their ability to offer services and can affect their bottom lines. Individuals face many regulations as well, including keeping residential real estate up to code, procuring professional licensure and maintaining a valid driver’s license before being allowed to drive on Connecticut roads.

Businesses in the transportation areas have to go through an application and hearing process to receive authority to operate in Connecticut. At Berchem Moses PC, our attorneys are well-versed in this process and represent many transportation companies seeking authority to operate taxicabs, limousines, buses, medical livery and household goods carriers.

Our Administrative Hearing Services

Our services are designed to help clients navigate this complex labyrinth of administrative rules as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our administrative hearing attorneys advocate on behalf of clients in matters before the Department of Transportation, Department of Housing, Department of Economic and Community Development, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Public Health, Freedom of Information Commission, and many other municipal, state and federal regulatory agencies. We represent clients regarding issues such as:

  • Compliance with building codes
  • Land use and zoning
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Compliance with health codes
  • Business licensing
  • Occupational licenses
  • Cellular/broadcast communication regulations
  • Administrative due process hearings

Our knowledge and approach to hearings allows us to offer insightful representation to businesses and individuals who find themselves subject to hearings related to these and all other administrative law issues.

Contact Berchem Moses PC

Call our firm at 203-783-1200 or reach out to us online to arrange a free initial consultation and discuss your administrative law or civil litigation needs directly with one of the lawyers on our accomplished legal team. With offices in Milford and Westport, we represent clients in administrative hearings throughout Connecticut.