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Municipal Litigation

Proven Advocates For Municipalities Involved In Litigation

When lawsuits against municipal bodies cannot be negotiated, the attorneys of Berchem Moses PC are prepared to stand by your side during litigation. We have represented the interests of a variety of government entities in municipal litigation and are prepared to defend you in local, state or federal court as needed.

As part of our extensive experience in municipal law, our attorneys have gained recognition for their work in Milford, Westport and beyond. They have acted as advisory counsel for a variety of municipal groups and worked as attorneys for different towns and town councils throughout Connecticut.

The Legal Issues Facing Municipalities

The legal challenges that municipalities face are varied, and our attorneys have the knowledge and resolve necessary to act as an advocate in almost any situation. Some of the many municipal legal concerns that we will help clients address include:

  • Contract disputes and other employment law matters
  • Condemnation and eminent domain proceedings
  • Conflicts involving utility companies, private developers and construction companies
  • Tax proceedings
  • Election, voting and campaign disputes
  • Environmental issues
  • Zoning, real estate, development and land use issues
  • Insurance disputes
  • Personal injury claims involving accidents that occurred on municipally owned properties

When you face these legal challenges, your attorney should have the experience and knowledge necessary to advise you and the tenacity to defend your interests in the courtroom. Berchem Moses PC has the experience necessary to create favorable outcomes for both you and the taxpayers you represent.

Representing Your Interests In The Courtroom

When your municipality is facing litigation, our knowledgeable attorneys can act as your advocate in the courtroom. Contact us online or call 203-783-1200 to discuss your case and how our skilled attorneys can answer your needs.