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Predictability Bill is Introduced Before the General Assembly

The Connecticut House has taken up Raised Bill No. 6933 which would require employers (including public sector employers) to begin posting employee schedules at least 21 days in advance.  Employers will also be required to provide advance notice of at least 21 days if the employer changes the schedule and that these changes must be approved by the employee in writing.

Should this Bill be adopted, employers would be required to compensate employees should they change or alter the pre-posted schedule ranging from one hour (if less than 21 days but more than 24-hours) to four hours or the total number of hours the employee would have worked in the shift (if less than 24-hours).

In addition, the Department of Labor will permit aggrieved employees to file charges to recuperate wages up to three times the full amount; with half being retained by the Commissioner of Labor “for the purposes of administrating this section.”  It is no wonder that opponents are calling this bill a “predictability tax” for employers.

While the stated purpose of this Bill is “to provide stability to workers in the state…and to compensate their employees if the employer amends such schedules,” it is obvious to many who testified before the subcommittee that this Bill would pose significant administrative nightmares for employers.

We will keep you posted on this Bill’s progress.