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Reminder – Connecticut Minimum Wage Rises to $12 on September 1

With all the changes to the employment law landscape in light of the coronavirus pandemic, it would be easy to lose sight of the minimum wage increase effective September 1, 2020. Connecticut employers must begin paying $12 per hour to their employees on September 1, 2020. For hotel and restaurant employees who normally receive sufficient gratuities, the employer must pay at least $6.38 per hour ($8.23 for bartenders), but the employee must still make at least $12 per hour including tips and employers must follow all requirements, including recordkeeping and reporting obligations, related to the tip credit.

Employers should also make sure they have their minimum wage posters on display in the workplace. The posters are available from the Connecticut Department of Labor at Employers should be careful to select the correct poster for their industry. While some of the posters are out-of-date and do not include the current minimum wage, they must still be posted. The Connecticut Department of Labor intends to update the posters after certain other changes are finalized.

The Labor and Employment attorneys at Berchem Moses PC can help employers keep up to date on the legislative changes impacting the workplace and maintain compliance with any new obligations.