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Reminder: Deductions for CT Paid Family and Medical Leave start January 1, 2021 – Are you ready?

Is it that time already? On June 25, 2019, Connecticut passed legislation to create the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act program, which provides eligible workers paid leave benefits for qualifying events covered under the federal FMLA, the Connecticut FMLA and the Connecticut Family Violence Leave Act. Benefits under the CTPFMLA, to be administered by the State’s newly created Paid Leave Authority, will be funded by employees and self-enrolled voluntary participants through payroll deductions.

While the payment of benefits to eligible employees will not begin until January 1, 2022, employer registration for the CTPFMLA began November 1, 2020 and the collection of wage deductions is scheduled to begin on January 1, 2021.  At that time, employers must begin withholding ½ of 1 percent (0.5%) of each paycheck (up to the Social Security cap) and submit these deductions quarterly to the Paid Leave Authority.

Municipalities, local and regional boards of education, and non-public elementary or secondary schools are not covered employers under the CTPFMLA; however, in the case of municipal employers, once a bargaining unit negotiates inclusion in the program, all non-union employees will automatically be included as well.  Covered employers can opt out of participation in the state program if they request permission and are approved to provide equal or better benefits under the same terms and conditions through a private plan.  Several private plans have already been approved by the Authority.

Please contact the labor and employment attorneys at Berchem Moses to assist you and answer questions about employer requirements under CTPFMLA.