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Senate Republicans Filibuster Minimum Wage Bill

The Obama Administration’s goal of increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 has for the moment stalled in the Senate.   A Republican led filibuster has all but killed the President’s hopes of signing the Bill, which would increase the minimum wage by the November mid-term elections.

Senate Republicans, citing concerns about the effects that an increase on minimum wage would have on economic growth, were able to whip up support behind the filibuster, forcing the Democratic majority to withdraw the Bill.

Immediately following the Bill’s withdrawal, President Obama expressed his disappointment and vowed to continue the push in securing the minimum wage increase, which was his primary goal in 2014.   Because the Bill was only withdrawn, the Senate may reintroduce it at any time.

As we reported earlier, Connecticut has already passed and signed a bill which will raise the State’s minimum wage to $10.10 by 2017.  The Bill which failed today in the United States Senate would have impacted other States where the minimum wage still follows the federal rate.