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The Town of Stratford and Stratford Police Department Honor Captain Joseph Buturla for 40 Years of Service

           Pictured above: Captain Joseph Buturla

The Buturla family has a long history of law enforcement encompassing three generations of devoted public service. In this newsclip from News 12 Connecticut, Berchem Moses PC Senior Partner Richard J. Buturla, his son, Attorney Richard Buturla Jr., and daughter, Susan Maida, are shown accepting an award for their father and grandfather. Captain Joseph Buturla,  along with three other officers, were honored for 40 years of service to the Town of Stratford and the Stratford Police Department.

Captain Joseph Buturla started with the department in 1946. Captain Buturla, Officer Eugene Freeman and Officer Richard Cahill are World War II veterans. Chief John “Jack” Geary started as a patrol officer in 1924.

As a way to honor these four remarkable men for their service, the entry road to the Stratford Police Department now displays plaques bearing their names. The department unveiled the signage on Thursday, October 29, 2020.

Berchem Moses PC is proud to represent the Town of Stratford and its police department and many other law enforcement agencies throughout the State for many years. Attorneys Richard J. Buturla and Richard C. Buturla have a lengthy record defending police officers and other government officials in federal and state court.  “We understand the difficult jobs that all police officers have and take the responsibility of defending them personally” said Senior Partner Richard J. Buturla.