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Tax Planning Attorneys

Minimize Estate Taxes Through Tax Planning

After spending a lifetime establishing a career and accumulating assets, it can be shocking to learn how much of your wealth can transfer to the federal government and the state of Connecticut via the estate tax. Thankfully, prudent estate planning can keep your hard-earned assets in the hands of your loved ones and minimize the share of your estate that is subject to state and federal estate taxes.

Since 1933, clients have turned to Berchem Moses PC for trusted guidance and knowledgeable advice. Our well-established Connecticut attorneys are adept at creating comprehensive estate plans that ensure our clients’ wishes for asset distribution are met, and that their wealth is as shielded as possible from estate taxes. Due to our effective approach to estate planning, prompt communication and dedication to providing high-quality legal services, many of our clients have remained with us for a number of years. Our clients’ loyalty extends between generations as well; in many situations, we have created estate plans for multiple generations of family members.

Our Approach To Tax Planning

We help clients reduce exposure to estate taxes through the use of a wide range of estate planning tools and mechanisms, including:

  • Strategic gifting
  • Trusts
  • Charitable giving
  • Joint tenancy
  • Partnerships

The tools that will be used vary based on your specific situation; no two sets of circumstances are exactly the same, and we custom-tailor our approach to your situation so that you can maximize the wealth that you pass to your family.

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