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UPDATE: Paid Sick Leave Bill Passes Senate and Undergoes Facelift

On Wednesday, the State Senate narrowly (18-17) passed the bill requiring employers of fifty or more to provide paid sick leave to employees.  This puts the act one step closer to passage.  It heads to the House of Representatives next.   However, the bill has been amended.  In its current form, it applies only to “service workers,” exempts manufacturers, allows for up to five paid sick days per year which can be carried over for a single year, and allows the days to be used for one’s own illness or that of a family member.  Most notably, however, the amended bill provides that employers who provide at least five days of leave, whether for vacation, sick days, or personal days, will be deemed in compliance.  While this legislation has been hotly debated by unions, employee advocacy groups, and business lobbies alike, and has received a great deal of press given that Connecticut would be the first state to pass such legislation, its real impact, if passed, remains to be seen, given that most employers already provide such time to employees.