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Most Large CT Employers Must Give Mental Health Days

By: Rebecca Goldberg

Under the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law, public and private Connecticut employers with 50 or more employees are required to provide paid sick leave to certain employees referred to as “service workers.”  The law applies to private businesses, boards of education, municipalities, non-profits, and other employers, excluding manufacturers and a narrow group of non-profits.  Most […]

Committing to Codes of Ethics

By: Christopher R. Henderson, Esq.

From the U.S. Supreme Court to the proliferation of artificial intelligence in the workplace, the importance of organizational ethics has recently been in the news.  The character, habits, and customs of an organization define how the organization functions and is viewed in the eyes of others.  A strong commitment to ethics breeds trust and confidence.  […]

Are You Paying Your Employees Correctly?

By: Rebecca Goldberg

Are you paying your employees correctly? Are you hoping your payroll company is ensuring all aspects of your wage-and-hour compliance? Are you on autopilot from decisions made by your office manager more than a decade ago?  With liquidated damages and penalties, an audit from the Department of Labor or a wage and hour lawsuit from […]

Information Requests Under FOI v. MERA: How to Comply

By: Christopher R. Henderson, Esq.

From time to time, we receive emails from clients seeking advice on whether an information request should be classified as a request under the Municipal Employees Relations Act (MERA) or the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). It is crucial to properly distinguish between the two laws as conflating them or treating a request under […]

Employers Seeking Criminal Background Information Must Update Notices

By: Rebecca Goldberg

Changes on the federal and state levels require employers to update notices to employees and applicants subject to criminal background checks or inquiries.         Employers conducting background checks must update the Summary of Fair Credit Reporting Act Rights issued to employees and applicants.  The new notice is available here.  The changes to the notice are not […]

Let the (March) Madness Begin

By: Paul A. Testa, Esq.

As the old saying goes, March comes in like a Husky.  Well, not exactly but as both the UCONN Women’s and Men’s basketball teams embark on their journeys to National Titles (hopefully), it is a good time to answer the age-old question:  Are office pools legal in Connecticut? The answer is for the most part, […]

The NLRB Continues to Push Its Legislative Agenda Through Its Administrative Functions

By: Christopher R. Henderson, Esq.

In case you missed it – President Biden in his State of the Union speech, for the second straight year, urged Congress to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. The PRO Act is largely a wish list for organized labor. President Biden in his address said, “I’m so sick and tired of […]

Large CT Employers Must Remember the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law

By: Rebecca Goldberg

With all the changes to the paid leave landscape surrounding the availability of paid family and medical leave in the private sector, many Connecticut employers have questions about or have overlooked their obligations under the Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law (CPSLL).  The CPSLL went into effect in 2012, yet many employers are not clear on […]

New CT Domestic Violence Poster Required

By: Rebecca Goldberg

While you are updating your EEOC poster, be sure to add the latest poster from the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities regarding domestic violence.  The new poster is available here. In case you missed it, Connecticut employers are now obligated to provide a reasonable leave of absence to seek attention for injuries caused by […]