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Reminder to Public Employers: Health Plan disclosures due to State October 1

Municipal and Board of Education employers may have recently received an email from the State Comptroller reminding them that the deadline to comply with new legislation requiring submission of certain information regarding employee health plans to the State is fast approaching. Pursuant to Section 352 of the Budget Implementer (Public Act 19-117), not later than […]

Employers Have New Obligations Under State Sexual Harassment Legislation

In new legislation expected to be signed by the Governor shortly, the state is making significant changes to its sexual harassment law.  These changes are a response to the nationwide #metoo and #timesup movements to bring awareness to and combat sexual harassment. While other technical changes were made, this article focuses on the most important […]

Sweeping FMLA Changes Coming to Connecticut Employers

Late Friday, Connecticut joined neighboring states New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island and became the latest state to pass a paid leave bill. Governor Lamont has signaled he will sign the measure when it reaches his desk.  The bill makes sweeping changes to current Connecticut FMLA laws, although the benefits would not become available […]

“Times Up” Legislation Passes, but End Result Remains Unclear

Legislation that would make changes to the state’s laws on sexual harassment and discrimination passed the General Assembly.  The law would, among other things, expand the sexual harassment training requirements, increase the time to file a civil rights charge, and increase the remedies available to complainants at the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. However, word […]

Updates on Other Proposed Labor and Employment Legislation

Back in March, it looked like the State legislature was going to tackle some big issues in labor and employment. (See previous blog here) The regular session will end on June 5. What happened to all those proposals? Well, the “Time’s Up” legislation also passed the Connecticut Senate by an overwhelming margin and is headed to […]

Minimum Wage bill passes

Last night, the State Senate approved increasing Connecticut’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2023 and the bill is headed to the Governor’s desk.  Under the bill, minimum wage increases to $11 per hour effective October 1, 2019 and then incrementally by one dollar per year thereafter, reaching $15 by June 1, 2023.  The […]

2019 Legislative Session: It’s shaping up to be a busy year in Labor and Employment

Only a few months into the new legislative session, Connecticut’s legislators appear ready to tackle some big issues impacting Connecticut employers in 2019. Although several employment-related initiatives took effect January 1, 2019, including mandatory IRA requirements for private sector employers; expansion of certain health care benefits for women and individuals under 21; and prohibitions on […]

Amendments to Connecticut’s Pay Equity Law effective January 1, 2019

If employers haven’t done so already, it’s time to revise job applications and interview questions to eliminate inquiries about past pay history for job applicants.  As discussed in a previous post (here), in May 2018, Connecticut became one of a growing number of states to enact legislation aimed at addressing the pay inequality issue by […]

Connecticut Poised to Ban Salary History Inquiries

Joining several other states including New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, Connecticut is set to enact legislation banning salary history inquiries by employers or their agents.  The General Assembly passed the measure and Governor Malloy is expected to sign it into law with an effective date of January 1, 2019. The move is part of a […]