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Business Valuations: A Key Element Of Property Division

Dividing property during divorce is rarely an easy process. It becomes even more complicated when business assets are involved. For business owners, obtaining a detailed business valuation is the first — and perhaps most critical — step.

A thorough business valuation must take into account not only physical assets such as inventory, real estate and equipment — but also nontangible assets such as goodwill and accounts receivable. The same is true for determining the value of business interests. Typically, an expert financial assessment is necessary to reach an accurate number supported by concrete data.

Once you obtain this assessment, the next step involves advocating for it — particularly in high-conflict cases. Strong courtroom skills are essential when valuation and
asset division are in dispute.

Choose Trusted Legal Counsel With A Legacy Of Success

The family law practice at Berchem Moses PC in Connecticut is well-equipped to protect the rights of business owners in divorce. We represent clients with closely held corporations, small businesses, professional practices, partnerships and other types of business interests.

Our legal team possesses extensive knowledge of the law and proven litigation skills — both of which are linchpins for success in high-stakes divorce cases.

Our attorneys understand the legwork that goes into accomplishing a fair division of business assets. We never cut corners in investing the preparation upfront to build a strong, supportable position.

To arrange a free initial consultation with one of our divorce lawyers, please call 203-783-1200or contact us online. The firm has offices in Milford and Westport.