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Spousal And Child Support

Few issues are as technically straightforward yet emotionally challenging as alimony and child support. Despite eligibility and payment amounts for child support being determined by state guidelines, the exchange of funds from one former spouse to the other can be especially trying. If you are considering a divorce or have been served with divorce papers, it can be extremely helpful to have sound legal advice. It can be equally important to get that advice from a compassionate, practical attorney who can offer common-sense guidance.

At Berchem Moses PC, we understand how challenging going through a divorce can be. This includes emotionally charged child support and spousal support cases and other related family law issues. At all times, our lawyers provide you with thoughtful counsel about financial support issues, protect your interests and act as advocates for your children.

Alimony/Spousal Support In Connecticut

In Connecticut, spousal maintenance (alimony) is not awarded automatically. Whether alimony is appropriate in your situation will be based on criteria, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The causes for the annulment, dissolution of the marriage or legal separation
  • The age, health, station, occupation, amount and sources of income
  • Vocational skills
  • Employability
  • Estate and needs of each of the parties
  • The award, if any, which the court may make pursuant to section 46b-81 (property distribution)
  • In the case of a parent to whom the custody of minor children has been awarded, the desirability of such parent’s securing employment

Spousal support may be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. Temporary “rehabilitative” alimony may be granted to one spouse to enable him or her to obtain job training or services that make it possible to enter the workforce. When you retain our services, we make certain that the court has an accurate picture of your financial situation and your contributions to the marriage. We work tirelessly to make sure that you receive or pay your fair share, and that your former spouse does not use the legal process to place you in undue financial distress.

How Child Support Amounts Are Determined In Connecticut

Who pays child support depends upon the child custody arrangements. Child support is paid to the parent with primary physical custody (also called the custodial parent) by the other parent (typically called the noncustodial parent). Additionally:

  • The amount of child support to be paid is determined by Connecticut’s child support guidelines. Child support amounts are based upon the income of the parents and, once that income is determined, are fairly straightforward.
  • The guidelines are based upon the assumption that all parents have an obligation to support their children.
  • When circumstances change down the line, child support orders can be modified by seeking a change through the family courts.
  • The parties may deviate from the guidelines in limited cases in which they can prove to the court that there is a legitimate reason for the deviation and they meet one of the necessary criteria.

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