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How can you resolve a contract dispute?

A disputed contract can become messy. Even the most thorough contracts are subject to dispute sometimes. As a Connecticut business owner, you have to prepare for disputes to occur. The best strategy that you can put forward is to have several ways to resolve a dispute. This provides you with options no matter the disagreement.

Litigation is one of the most common resolutions, according to Harvard Law. Litigation involves a trial with a court and a jury. You face off against the client or organization in a court setting. Here, the two parties will offer evidence for the judge or jury.

If you want to avoid the courtroom, mediation or arbitration might be better options. In mediation, you and the disputant meet with a neutral third party. At this meeting, you explore your issues and try to come up with a solution. With particularly heated cases, a mediator may work separately with each party and assist in finding a resolution. With mediation, the parties ultimately decide on how to resolve the dispute.

In arbitration, you have a neutral third party who acts as a judge. You and the other party will present arguments for your case. In some instances, you may even have lawyers to assist, but this depends on what you and the other party decided. In the end, the arbitrator makes the final decision and has to resolve the dispute. Of the three resolutions, litigation is the most expensive.

The above information is not to be considered legal advice. It is simply to educate on contract dispute resolutions.