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What are the legal steps for closing a business?

When you formed your business in Connecticut, you likely followed several steps to create a legal entity, acquire funding and build a client base. If you decide to close your business, you may think that all you need to do is stop making sales and earning money. However, there are legal procedures related to closing […]

How can you resolve a contract dispute?

A disputed contract can become messy. Even the most thorough contracts are subject to dispute sometimes. As a Connecticut business owner, you have to prepare for disputes to occur. The best strategy that you can put forward is to have several ways to resolve a dispute. This provides you with options no matter the disagreement. […]

Terminating contracts for convenience

When a business owner or representative enters into a contract with another organization in Milford, they likely feel a certain amount of security due to the nature of such an agreement. After all, a party cannot end a contractual agreement without first having cause to do so. Yet is that assumption entirely correct? There is […]

Do I have to store my commercial tenant’s property after an eviction?

Connecticut has unique laws when it comes to landlords and tenants. This comes into play when you need to evict a commercial tenant. When you evict a tenant, they may leave behind property, especially if the eviction is tied to a failing financial status. Once you take possession of the property, you then have to […]

What is the proposed payroll tax?

Any law that aims to change taxes is a matter of interest. As a resident in Connecticut, you may want to take notice of the proposed payroll tax being worked out currently by state representatives. According to Tax Foundation, this new tax law aims to do away with income tax for most taxpayers. Instead, the law will […]

Muted celebration after breach-of-contract lawsuit win

At this time of year, the bright yellows and reds in the fall foliage on the drive north from Milford can be stunning. Some business owners in Grafton County, New Hampshire, aren’t celebrating the colors or even their recent legal victory in court. Though a jury awarded them nearly $3.8 million in their breach of contract […]

A succession plan is vital – yet few family businesses have one

Many business owners are keen planners, able to consider both the short- and long-term needs of the company. For many of those thinking of that long-term plan, the dream is to eventually pass their hard work to the next generation, ensuring the company continues to support the family into the future. While this situation might […]

Can you postpone arbitration in Connecticut?

The state of Connecticut has strict rules and procedures for dealing with employment-related grievances through arbitration. For this reason, parties cannot postpone arbitration without just cause. If you are party to an employment dispute, and you wish to delay arbitration, you must have the grounds to do so and abide by the rules and procedures […]